[ pen-i-trey-lee-uh ]
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Part of Speech noun
Origin + Etymology
mid 17th century; Latin "inmost parts or recesses of a building," especially a temple or shrine, 1660s, from Latin plural of penetral, from penetralis "interior," from the stem of penetrare "to put or get into, enter into"
  • concealment
  • isolation
  • retreat
  • separateness
  • solitude
  • retirement
  • aloofness
  • confidentiality
  • quiet
  • privateness
  • seclusion
  • public
  • outside
  • exteriority
  • external
  • sociableness
  • publicness
  • togetherness
1. the innermost parts or recesses of a place or thing
2. the most private or secret things
1. A) After discovering the hidden gold in the building's penetralia, she had to venture back through the maze to avoid being caught. B) The architect's blueprints revealed the penetralia in the basement that contained the owner's secret.
2. A) He finally understood the penetralia within her heart, and held her as she cried. B) She placed the letter back, having glimpsed the penetralia of her circle of friends and now feeling unstable.
Usage Over Time

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