[ kuh-lam-i-tuhs ]
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Part of Speech adjective
Origin + Etymology
Early 19th century; Latin late Middle English (in the sense ‘disaster and distress’): from Old French calamite, from Latin calamitas
  • adverse
  • catastrophic
  • deadly
  • devastating
  • dire
  • fatal
  • lamentable
  • ruinous
  • unfortunate
  • woeful
  • advantageous
  • favorable
  • fortunate
  • good
  • happy
  • harmless
  • healthful
  • helpful
  • lucky
  • trivial
involving calamity; catastrophic or disastrous
A) The wildfires in California were calamitous disasters. B) Homeowner's insurance for a house on the beach in Florida can be very expensive due to the likelihood of a calamitous event, such as a hurricane.
Usage Over Time

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